Saturday, September 27, 2014

Jaxon's Third Birthday

Three years gone in the wink of an eye. Seriously. I cannot fathom how fast time seems to speed by in my life.
Jaxon Richard Hiatt 9/27/2011 11:22 AM 7 lbs 12.9 oz 20 in

My Jaxon turned three today. I don't know how that happened! I distinctly remember deciding during this pregnancy that I would endure savor each moment because we knew early on that it would be my last due to some unavoidable health issues. Now that he's three, I find myself almost wanting another baby....almost!

We had a super fun pumpkin party for Jaxon's birthday. We painted pumpkins and all the refreshments were pumpkin themed. It was so fun and super simple!

Each child painted a pumpkin to take home.

Pumpkin cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting!
I couldn't get the white chocolate orange enough and finally settled for this. 


Dipped pretzels
Cheese balls
Fox in a pumpkin magnets for easy party favors. 
Edison, Jaxon, Kyan, Cash, Emily, and Alex painting

Happy Tucker
Tucker, Kyan, Jaxon, me, Avarie, Sam, and Edison painting pumpkins
Alex showing off his fizzy orange drink.
Kyan thought it would be funny to paint his face 
The birthday boy loving his party 
Edison and Emily 
Ready for singing and cake

One of Tucker's best friends, Edison 
Avarie is one of Jaxon's friends from nursery at church and playgroup 
Opening presents is always the hit of the party! Avarie, Alex, Jaxon, Collin, Edison, and Tucker 
Avarie's mom Julie made Jaxon his own apron to wear while making cookies with the awesome collection of cutters she gave him, too! 
Monkey Bingo from Grandma Hiatt
Post party TV with Daddy
We wound up the day with a visit from Grandpa Kirk and a trip to Applebee's for Jaxon's birthday dinner. 

I'm super proud of my three year old! He's potty trained as of the middle of September (YAY!), he loves nursery and church, loves all his awesome little friends, tells everyone who will listen that "Us got a dog and he's Blue!" and says his brothers are "his guys" and his best friends. Jax is super smart, loves to play Skylanders and Minecraft on the PS3, and makes me laugh constantly. He's my little buddy while the others are at school, the best lunch date/errand runner a gal could ask for! We love you, Jaxon!

Now to get you weaned from that sippy cup (his "nunni") you adore...

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Meet Blue

We have a new family member!

Name: Blue aka Blue Za Roo, Blueser D. Hiatt, "You're my boy, Blue!!"
Breed: Yorkshire terrier
Sex: Male
Weight: 6 pounds
Height: Tiny (yes, this is a unit of measurement in my world)
Age: 17 weeks
Temperament: Smiley, cuddly, mischievous 
Loves: Running, CHEWING, kisses, sleeping with Mom, and play dates with his Yorkie friend Trixie, pouncing on bugs and then eating them, and treats
Hates: Baths, the cold, being scolded, and being pestered to death by Jaxon!

Kevin picked this little guy up while the boys and I were vacationing in Utah, I think around the last week of July. He happened to read a Facebook post at the right time and went to go see him and fell in love. Kev and Blue had formed a pretty tight bond before the boys and I returned to ND. He is the most lovable, sweet little guy. He loves to cuddle Mama and sleep next to her at night. He was pretty quick to catch on to the potty training thing once I was home and able to take him out every few hours. I'd say fairly confidently he's house broken. He dribbles now and then when he gets super excited, such as new people coming over, but he's so small it's almost no big deal. Now for puppy photo cuteness overload!

He loves going for rides!

Came in from outside with muddy paws and ran to get a drink from the recently used shower...completely by-passing his full water bowl!

Even Grandpa Kirk likes the puppy! September 6, 2014

I love you, Blue, but if you do THIS again.....there will be some explaining to do!
The living room carpet must have had something real tasty in it....