Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Eve 2014

Kev wanted to host a small party at our house for NYE. Since December had been filled with nothing BUT hosting parties, I figured, why not??

We invited a few families from Kevin's work and kept it super simple and low key with tons of finger food and games.

The Hiatts, McBrides, and Skoys

There was an over-abundance of food but isn't that what the holidays are all about?

Melissa, Livvy, and Nikki
Kids were getting restless and tired so we rang in the New Year about 11 pm. I found the King Julien countdown on Netflix and led the kids in the chant. It was so cute to see them so noisy and excited.

After everyone left there were 10 minutes til actual midnight so Tucker, Kyan, Kev and I rang in the new year then crashed.

We had a super yummy breakfast with leftover "sparkly apple juice" and Tucker was still in a party mood.

Nikki gave me this dope mug she made and it made me decide that my one resolution for 2015 would be this: be happy, and do it like a boss!
Happy New Year! Here's hoping 2015 is the best yet.