Sunday, June 28, 2015

Two Years

Two years in Williston, North Dakota as of today.


It feels like an eternity, yet also like I just blinked.

It's been another amazing year, and I've yet to regret our decision to move here.

803.7 miles later, our new home in Williston, ND. June 28, 2013

We've explored, played, worked, bled, laughed, cried, said hello to new friends, goodbye to good friends, and made so many countless, precious memories.

Spring Lake Park
 Our family expanded by one over the past year. We sure love our Blue!

The lights of my life.

Williston parades can be chilly. Jaxon is the lump in the middle.

Exploring the beautiful nature all around us.

Playground equipment in the Bakken.

Easter was a bit cold this year...

Weekends are meant for road trips and family time.

The view from my neighborhood included four of these by Christmas

I have grown enormously fond of the North Dakota prairie. I never get tired of the view, whether it be flying snowflakes, frost-covered fields, waving grasses, or masses of sunflowers. And those skies and sunsets...

We have grown so much closer as a family in the last two years of living in ND than I could have ever imagined. Being far from extended family has taught us to rely on each other, and good neighbors and great friends.

 I cannot wait to see where the next year takes us.