Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Fun 2014

For those of you who are wondering if I have fallen off the face of the earth, was murdered, or simply quit blogging, fear not; I'm still here!!

Life sort of carried me away for awhile. February to April was a bit of a whirlwind with Kevin's injury and subsequent hospital stay(s). More on that in a separate future post. :)

Easter was a lot of fun this year! 

Grandma Hiatt mailed the boys a fun Easter gift...dinosaur banks from good ol' Dinosaurland (Vernal, UT; our hometown.) They were super excited and ran to get their change to start "feeding" the dinosaurs.

Tucker's dino

Can you tell he's excited?

Jaxon didn't have a bank before this so he was totally stoked. No more sandwich bags filled with change for this kid!
Of course, the most fun to be had is actually with the box, right?

Tucker and Jaxon lucked out because they got to go to three egg hunts. Kyan was a bit sad that he missed two because he's in school all day. We have an LDS playgroup here that meets every Wednesday so the kids can play and the moms can talk. It's super fun and the kids love it. Emily had planned an egg hunt for the Wednesday before Easter. We all brought a dozen eggs per child and the kids got to find a dozen eggs. Easy peasy. They all had a blast!

Tucker and his friend, Alex. Tucker is such a poser.

Checking out the stash!

Showing me his candy. Jax loved finding eggs!

I also took Tucker and Jaxon to the Williston Convention and Visitor's Bureau for a free toddler community egg hunt. They got to get their photos taken with the Easter Bunny and find 10 eggs. Jaxon freaked out when he saw the giant bunny, hence no photo for him.

I have super duper creative friends up here! Cute little Easter gifts. :)
Emily made this. An eos lip balm as an it!

Nikki made this. It had the cutest chocolate hazelnut carrot inside. Tucker ate it without giving me a bite. Grrr.

The theme lunches continue. I've been making Ky cute little lunches all year. I like to post lunch photos on Instagram, so if you want to follow, click here.
Cute Easter lunch for Ky.

One of Ky's cute Easter lunches

Next up was coloring eggs. Tucker was not about to let me forget about this; he'd been bugging me about it since Valentine's Day. We didn't have school on the Friday before Easter, so I boiled up some eggs and we had a ball! 

Coloring eggs with shaving cream. Thanks, Pinterest!

The shaving cream eggs.

The finished shaving cream eggs. Next time, I will add MUCH more dye. Kyan did this at school and said, "You need to use tons of dye, Mommy. Better luck next time!"

I love this little face. He's so proud he's one of the "big boys" like his brothers!

To top Friday off, the boys took me and Kevin out for dinner as a very belated birthday gift. Kevin's mom and dad always take us out for our birthdays. Since they couldn't be here and we couldn't be there, Grandma Hiatt sent the boys money and a note specifically instructing them to take us out. They picked Applebee's. We met Kev there and had a fun dinner.

The traditional Applebee's cheese stick stretch.

Has. To. Do. Everything. Big. Brothers. Do. HAS TO!

Huge rainbow after we got home from dinner. Couldn't even get the whole thing in one shot.
Friday night is always "Fun Night" here at the Hiatt's. Generally we make pizza, watch a movie, and just have fun. We helped the boys make a blanket fort and they decided to sleep there. They had so much fun, and mommy and daddy got to watch a movie in their room alone....that never happens!

The next morning, we had an indoor egg hunt. Ky was super stoked because he'd already missed out on the other ones. Kev took the boys back to our bedroom and I hid the eggs all over the living and dining rooms. Simple, but fun.
This cracked me up because they looked all over in this corner and couldn't see the egg sitting on the activity cube!

Everyone got two eggs with dollar bills, and two eggs with quarters, and the rest were filled with candy.

The next day was Easter. We all went to church together and the lessons were wonderful. Afterwards we went to a fun brunch hosted by the McBrides with super yummy waffles and toppings, eggs, ham, and fresh fruit. The kids played outside because it was FINALLY  nice weather, even though it was pretty windy. Fun times with good friends! We came home and finished the day by taking advantage of the nice weather and playing outside. 
The bunny didn't freeze trying to find us after all.

Tried to fly a kite, but it was TOO windy, so we settled for bubbles instead.

Tucker topping off the day with a delicious candy skewer. 

So that's Easter in a nutshell. Kevin could finally walk without a cast again, we were together, and life was good! Now to get completely caught up on this blog again...