Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hiatt Vacation 2015: Day Three: Disneyland!

The next day of our wonderful vacation began rather early...with Tucker throwing up and me not feeling so great myself. Kev went downstairs and brought us back some fruit and Sprite, and everyone else went for breakfast and headed to the park. They rode a bunch of rides including Autopia, the Finding Nemo submarine, and Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters. Kev only took a few photos, though. 

After a morning of misery, Tucker and I finally felt well enough to venture out. We sat down on a bench outside to wait for the shuttle and Kev called and said they were headed back to grab some lunch at the Red Robin down the street from the hotel, so we just waited for them and we all went to lunch.
Our hotel

I don't know how he felt well enough for a shake, but he loved it and didn't get sick again.
Croissant donut tower with chocolate and berry dipping sauces...yum!

Then we all headed back to the park!

Kyan and Jaxon told us we just had to go on the Nemo ride again since Tucker and I had missed it earlier, so we did.

Kev didn't care too much for this ride; I think he's a bit claustrophobic.

We rode some other rides that I really can't remember now, and then we rode It's a Small World, which I loved!

Ky and Grandma on Small World

We caught a small character parade after we got off Small World.

We needed a treat, so we got fresh, hot good! We had set a limit on how much each boy could spend on souvenirs, and Tucker used some of his money to get this sweet sorcerer's hat. Love it.

It was a little chilly and trying to rain, but we were still having fun. We were sticking around to catch the fireworks. We got on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and the boys loved it so much we rode it three times with hardly any line.

Of course we had to try and pull the sword from the stone.

Then we hit Dumbo. Kyan wouldn't go because he doesn't like heights, and Kev wouldn't go because it goes around in a circle, so it was up to me and grandma to take the kids who wanted to try it.

Grandpa bought the boys some cool bubble guns and they had a blast with them!

These glowing Mickey swords were a hit. Of course, they did NOT fit in any of the luggage we bought, and we ended up shipping them home.

We finally headed to Sleeping Beauty Castle to find a spot for the fireworks. It was sprinkling rain now, but everyone was still happy.

We had to take advantage of the photo ops, of course.

The fireworks were awesome! The boys loved all the music, too.


It really started raining right at the end of the show. Jaxon was super tired and the others just wanted out of the rain. Kev took the boys back to the hotel and I stayed with my in-laws and we totally closed the park. We had so much fun!

By then it was seriously pouring rain so we ran into a gift shop in Frontierland to buy some ponchos.

We really wanted to go on the Indiana Jones ride, and we waited an hour (most of it in the rain) to do so. 

It was worth it, though...we got a front row seat and I screamed my head off!

Indiana we go!
I stupidly agreed to let them take me on Star Tours, which was dumb considering how I spent the morning...NEVER again!

We rode Pirates twice and then hurried to catch the last shuttle back to the hotel. Kev had sent me some photos on how the rest of their night was spent...

....sword fighting and light shows!

Everyone was passed out when I sneaked in. Tomorrow: Universal Studios Hollywood!